Sperry, Oklahoma, is a small town located in Tulsa County, known for its rural charm and close-knit community. Situated north of Tulsa, Sperry offers residents a quiet, small-town living experience with easy access to the amenities of a larger urban center. Founded in the early 20th century, Sperry has maintained a sense of traditional community values while experiencing steady growth and development.

The town's economy is primarily local and includes small businesses and agriculture, with many residents commuting to Tulsa for employment. Sperry is appreciated for its peaceful neighborhoods, community events, and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.


Sperry is situated in the northeastern part of Oklahoma, within the Green Country region. The area is characterized by rolling hills, open plains, and a largely rural landscape, providing a scenic and tranquil environment. The climate in Sperry is humid subtropical, typical of the region, with hot summers and mild winters, supporting a range of outdoor activities and a comfortable lifestyle.

Sperry's rural setting offers a serene living environment, marked by open landscapes and a small-town feel, while its proximity to Tulsa allows for convenient access to the amenities and economic opportunities of a larger city.


Sperry's population is relatively small but tight-knit, comprising a mix of families, seniors, and individuals who value community and a slower pace of life. The demographic makeup is predominantly Caucasian, but like many small towns, it is gradually becoming more diverse.

Education in Sperry is served by the Sperry Public Schools system, known for its commitment to quality education. The community in Sperry is active, with local events and traditions playing a significant role in town life. This strong sense of community, combined with the town's natural beauty and proximity to Tulsa, makes Sperry a unique and appealing place to live in Oklahoma.

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